Sympathy Messages

Messages of sympathy to accompany your floral tributes are very personal to you as an individual. The message can be addressed to the deceased or to the family directly. There is no rule of thumb. It's really up to you.

Generally the message cards are collected after the funeral service and given to the next of kin. It's nice for them to know who has sent flowers.  


Messages for friends and acqaintances might simply start: "With Deepest Sympathy, "Rest in Peace".  "Always Remembered"  then names of the senders.

For family members or very good friends, messages may begin: "Forever in Our Thoughts", "In Affectionate Remembrance", "In Loving Memory", "Always in Our Hearts".

Short poems or special memories may also be an option, though remember, tribute cards are not huge, so as not to conceal the beauty of the flowers you are sending.